"When our children leaves home, it involves a kind of second birth in which we give birth to ourselves".

As a child, I thought all you do is grow older each day and someday die. Little did I know that life consists of seasons. The whole idea of just "living" is merely a generalized description of life. If I could summarize my life and its seasons, I could easily put it as: baby, child, teenager, young adult, middle-age adult and now I am moving into my "golden years." UGH, how I dislike hearing those words.

I have one child; a daughter who left home at the age of 18. I was quickly forced into  becoming an "empty nester." Wow, literally, you are left standing there in an empty nest!  How does one go from living most of her life being a mom to being a woman gazing into the mirror not being able to recognize who she was and knew very little about herself? Now that's a wake-up call! I have been relearning who I am and trying to find an identity for me...a freebird with TONS of time on her hands.

So stay tuned life as it unfolds will be recorded into the halls of this blog. Perhaps someone may actually read this! If not, then I have at least made an attempt to go back and read over the experiences I have been through, whether it be difficult, funny, inspiring or just plain ole entertaining!

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